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Have you ever been in need of an electrician, manicurist, or home computer consultant but didn’t know where to start?

The Communities of Interest Cabinet is putting together a Directory of Occupations and Services to be distributed to all members. The purpose of this Directory is to provide information about members who provide a particular product or service. For example, if a member is in need of a caterer or babysitter, tax/investment planner or plumber, the Directory of Occupations and Services is a ready resource to find a provider who is also a St. Luke’s member.

We would encourage you to have all members of your household participate in the Directory, including Youth who have particular services they offer (leaf raking, babysitting, computer skills, etc.)



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Additionally, you have the opportunity to submit paid advertisements within the Directory. For the inside and back covers (4 ½”x 7 ½”), the advertisement will cost $125. For a full-page advertisement (4 ½”x 7 ½”), the cost is $80. For a half-page advertisement (4 ½”x 3 ¾”), the cost is $40. For a quarter-page advertisement (4 ½”x1 7/8”), the cost is $20. Please make checks payable to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and be prepared to email your “camera-ready” advertisement.

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