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Let Your Light Shine 2011-2014

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

What is the Let Your Light Shine campaign?
     The second campaign, Let Your Light Shine (2011-2014), is an opportunity to keep the spirit of St. Luke’s building project going even as we serve the current and growing community that our congregation touches.
     To achieve the goals outlined below will require raising $2 million. Over the next 39 months, $728,715 is required to make mortgage payments of $18,685 per month. Beyond that, these funds will be used to:
     • Pay down the mortgage balance. A reduction in the current mortgage balance of $2.9 million will ease the burden on the monthly budget and free up funds to support ministry. When the mortgage adjusts to current market rates on September 1, 2014, St. Luke’s aims to have the mortgage balance reduced significantly so that the monthly payment would fall to $9,000/month. The mortgage is scheduled to be paid in full in 2031.
     • Expand current ministries and accommodate new ministries to better serve our congregation and the community. St. Luke’s invites members of all ages into fellowship and service opportunities. As a thriving congregation, our light shines so that people can see God’s work and give glory to God.

How can we expect the new building to grow the ministry at St. Luke’s?
     This new space will expand St. Luke’s outreach in the following ways: (1) allow additional use of our facility by the community, (2) develop new ministries that help grow membership, (3) permit more adult educational opportunities, (4) increase atrium use for hospitality and invitation, and (5) encourage more congregational fellowship events.

Where have we been? How did we get here today?
     In 2008, St. Luke’s launched its first capital campaign, Growing in Faith (2008-2011), with a goal of determining the capacity for a redeveloped building site. In 2009, the congregation authorized the construction of the addition at a cost not to exceed $3.8 million with a record 178 members affirming the plan, 56 voting no and nine abstaining. The vote on whether St. Luke’s should borrow up to $2.9 million to fund construction was overwhelmingly approved with 201 members voting yes, 14 no and 13 abstaining. During the first campaign, Growing in Faith, nearly $1.2 million was raised.
     With the new addition and renovation of the 1929 structure, the construction goals of our first capital campaign were met. We (1) improved accessibility within the building for all who come to St. Luke’s; (2) updated the existing structure and addressed several previously deferred maintenance issues; and (3) increased usable space within the building for expanded ministry to the congregation and community. In fact, more was accomplished in the building of the first phase than initially anticipated. But there is work yet to be done.
     There is mission and ministry to be done.

When will I be asked to give?
     Every St. Luke’s confirmed member will be asked for a commitment. It will take faith, sacrifice and plenty of personal resolve. This is our church family’s home, and we all have a stake in it.
     You will be asked to stretch your giving over a three-year period (July 2011 to June 2014). We will bring our pledge cards to worship on Commitment Sunday April 10, 2011.
     In order to make our goal, we are dependent on commitments from at least 250 individuals and families, up from 200 in the last campaign.

What about the economy?
     Ongoing concerns about the job market and national economy are unsettling. Instead of surrendering to anxiety, let this be a time of faith and resourceful giving. Talk with friends, consult a financial planner, tap savings, consider an unusual asset, examine your priorities.

Can a part of my pledge support “Beyond Our Walls” like in the last campaign?
     Yes, once again you may designate a portion of the funds offered to support a global-local ministry opportunity. The ministry suggested for support is Refugee One (formerly Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries). This organization creates opportunities for refugees fleeing war, terror and persecution to build new lives of safety, dignity, and self-reliance in Chicago.

What if we raise more than the target goal?
     You may designate how your gift will be used. The first $728,715 raised will be used to pay the mortgage. Beyond that, you may designate how your gift should be employed:
     • 100% to debt reduction
     • 85% to debt reduction, 15% to ministry development

What can we expect at the end of the three-year campaign?
     At the conclusion of Let Your Light Shine in November 2014, St. Luke’s will mark 100 years of ministry in Park Ridge. As we dedicate ourselves to future generations, we want to launch our second century of ministry with a multi-functional space, minimal debt and enhanced mission and ministry – all to the glory of God.

While there is more to be done to finish the new addition, much more was accomplished in the first phase of the project than initially anticipated.
    These include
     • The gym/fellowship hall has been air conditioned.
     • Skylights have been installed in the atrium to provide additional natural light to the atrium/ gathering place and to two sanctuary stained glass windows.
     • Plumbing, electrical connections, sprinkler and air conditioning for the second floor kitchen have been installed in anticipation of the kitchen completion.
     • Several lower level classrooms in the 1929 building were upgraded with new ceilings, lights and fresh paint and also improved the lower level hallway.
     • Completed some “behind the scenes” steps that will ultimately make the completion of the unfinished spaces in the new addition easier and less expensive.

Jesus understood the importance of light to people. In John 8:12 he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” As Jesus’ followers we seek to be a light, a beacon of hope, and a congregation in service within our community and to those in need around the world. We invite all members of St. Luke’s to help light the way.

As we dedicate ourselves to future generations, we want to launch our second century of ministry with a multi-functional space, minimal debt and enhanced mission and ministry – all to the glory of God.


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